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The heart of the SynGest process involves a pressurized oxygen-blown biomass gasifier designed for operation in an expanding bed fluidized mode. The HarvestGas™ system converts the biomass into syngas - a mixture of hydrogen (H2) and carbon monoxide (CO), and is optimized to minimize the formation of methane and other hydrocarbons. A second stage Auot-Thermal Reformer (ATR) is deployed to further enhance bilmass to syngas yield and minimize cost and complexity downstream. Next, he carbon monoxide is “shifted” to maximize hydrogen. The hydrogen is purified and catalytically reacted with nitrogen to make anhydrous ammonia. Some of the CO2 generated in the process is captured and reacted with the ammonia to form urea which is the most widley deployed form of nitrogen fertilizer. The plant includes an air separation system to provide oxygen for the gasifier and ATR sections and pure nitrogen for ammonia synthesis. Waste heat is recovered, thereby minimizing the need for external energy supplies. Two major patents are pending.

SynGest Process

Syngas Process

HarvestGas “Wheel of Fortune” Applications

In addition to anhydrous ammonia and urea, the same oxy-gasification process that produces the syngas can be coupled with a variety of downstream processes to produce any of several different fuel products.

Syngas Applications

Cornucopia™ BioRefinery Complex

Corn is made of four key components: starch, oil, protein and biomass. With the addition of newly developed technologies, it is now possible to retrofit corn ethanol plants to produce better fuels, while simultaneously extracting food grade corn oil and valuable protein to feed a wide variety of animals. Combined with the SynGest gasification technology we can maximize the production of food and fuel from every acre.

Mini BioRefinery Complex