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SynGest CEO Elected to Board of CENF

Jack Oswald, CEO,

SynGest, Inc.

San Francisco, California – (Nov 3, 2009) – SynGest, Inc. announced that Jack Oswald, CEO, SynGest Inc. was officially elected to the Board of the Clean Economy Network Foundation. Jack is a founding member and was on the Steering Committee of CEN which was launched earlier this year.

CEN has rapidly become the leading business voice for the Clean Energy/Clean Tech industry. CEN along with CERES and other partners such as Environmental Entrepreneurs ( recently launched the We Can Lead campaign ( hosting approximately 250 CEOs and senior executives of Clean Energy/Clean Tech businesses, representing 39 states in Washington, DC. We Can Lead participants met with three cabinet secretaries and over 50 senate offices. The group achieved its goal of showing congress and the administration that our industry is real, sizable and the best economic growth and job creation opportunity for America.


The Clean Economy Network Mission:

The Clean Economy Network will be a catalyst for the rapid expansion of a clean economy that creates new sustainable jobs, increases energy and resource security, and addresses climate change. Through the Clean Economy Network Foundation, an education-oriented 501(c)(3) non-profit, and Clean Economy Network, Inc., a 501(c)(4) advocacy organization, it will engage cleantech and green business, academic, public policy, community and non-profit leaders in programs and activities that help:

* Create the foundation for a market-based, clean economy;
* Foster the development, commercialization, and rapid adoption of new technologies and business practices;
* Promote policies that are rooted in competition and encourage innovation; and
* Facilitate increased transparency and cooperation within and among the government, non-profit and private sectors.

Foundation Mission Statement

The Foundation educates and engages individuals interested in playing an active role in building the clean economy and sharing their knowledge about the clean economy with others. Through outreach activities, programs, and events the Foundation works to identify, analyze and broadly disseminate business, technology and public policy best practices and innovative ideas that can support the future growth and development of clean economy sector as a whole.

CENI Mission Statement

CENI is the national non-partisan advocacy organization for individuals interested in the development of a clean economy. It assumes public positions on, and actively engages with policymakers and elected officials to lobby for, specific legislative proposals critical to the development and growth of a new clean economy.