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SynGest – Providing America’s Strategic Fuel and Fertilizer

SynGest Inc. has announced plans to build its first commercial scale facility to convert biomass (e.g. wood harvesting waste) into anhydrous ammonia and urea — an advanced biofuel and nitrogen fertilizer.

SynGest’s proprietary process uses renewable feedstocks and is carbon negative. Crop wastes will be obtained locally and the high value fertilizer will be utilized for nearby farming applications. Our design enables low cost production that can undercut the cost of nitrogen fertilizer products made from natural gas. Local distribution and consumption offer additional cost advantages.

The SynGest BioAmmonia Process is Carbon Negative

Carbon Negative


SynGest’s management team consists of business and engineering professionals who have a distinguished record in starting new companies from the ground up, as well as in designing and building first-of-a-kind chemical processing plants.

  • Jack Oswald, Chairman and CEO
  • Ravi Randhava, CTO
  • Todd Harvey, Vice President of Engineering
  • Don Frazer, CFO